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01/04/2011 00:09 by Bamberry.

Hey Hey Hey,

Welcome to the homepage of The Good Vibe Raiders! We are a small guild with friendly people, that want to raid and have fun at the same time. We are progressing slowly but we are on the right path.
Let´s continue!


Just apply here on forums section of the homepage , or talk to us ingame. we search for mature, funny and fair people- no swearing, no yelling and no loot whores! Requirements: know your toon, the fights , be prepared with food flasks and potions, on time ( means 15 min early) and have a reasonable item level ( health points, dps or hps). We need now 1 more tank and 1 more dps.

we raid wed, sun, mon from 20:00 till 24:00.

We started immediatly- and had some good tries on heroic mode in WOD , but then decided to do normal the first week and got then 2 bosses down- one one shot , the other one on second try- on the first evening. We continued normal then the next raid day and got 5 bosses on normal down! On 3rd raid day: 1st heroic- so not bad for first week. 2. week. 1 hc 6 normal- so we continue and Progress slowly.
We do dungeons, challenge modes, dailies aso together- and depending on the people, we have mostly some on vent or in guild chat chatting...

also we had 2 guild meetings already and planning for a LAN- Party this summer. On New Years we will meet in AMsterdam ( like it is a Tradition now for 2 Years) - if you wanna join us- you are more than welcome ( even if you are ina nother guild, but Play with us from time to time , you are welcome to meet for a coffee or beer).

so when you wanna have a game time with some social contacts also, we might be the right people for you!!

if you wanna make sure, you get a spot in our team- just apply in game or on here ( best talk to bamberry, airadax or elathin)


Hey ,

since we got more and more people applieing to our guild, we wanna make sure, that you know, what we are searching for and that you know, what you will get:

we want mature players, that are reliable and helpful- that know how to play their toons, and that wanna put effort in raids and guild progress. That means: sign up for raids and be there- if you cant shoot an officer a mail- or shout here in teh shoutbox- just somehow.. inform us!
what you get: aspot in a friendly guild, that will try to help you with issues in game- to progressw ith your toon and to get bosses down and get gear. the first 2 weeks you will be on trial- that means, in drops members will get loot over you- i hope understandable- after 2 weeks you can choose, if you wanna be a social member or a raider- raiders will get gear over socials- we need better equipped people to progress in raids. We try to be fair- and if we make a mistake- tell us!

we wanna be and stay: teh good Vibe Raiders!!


Bamberry at 28/07/2011 08:58
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